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From Futbol to Football

Posted: September 27, 2013 at 6:55 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

0ap1000000064100From Futbol to Football: How the NFL and soccer are competing for Hispanic American viewership

Fútbol has long reigned as the king of sports among Hispanics, but recent research shows that many Latinos in the U.S. are warming to American football and the NFL. The 2012 NFL season attracted a record number of Hispanic viewers, and Super Bowl XLVII drew in nearly 10 million Latino viewer ages 12 and up. So how long will soccer keep its crown, or has the NFL already edged the beautiful game?
Marketers who can tap into this fast-growing group of Latino NFL enthusiasts are setting themselves up for success, but not all Hispanics are the same and savvy marketers need to know the difference.

NFL viewing among Latinos is dominated by consumers who speak mostly English, or only English. Conversely, bilingual and Spanish speaking Hispanics overwhelmingly favor (97%) Mexico National Soccer.

Sporting preference depends on more than just the language Latinos speak. Successful marketers need to be keenly aware of the diverse range of Hispanic customs and habits. For example, Hispanics of Mexican and Caribbean descent are more likely to watch the NFL, while soccer games still dominate the screens of South and Central American and Mexican Hispanics.

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